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A Taste of Puerto Rico - Yvonne Ortiz

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Autor: Yvonne Ortiz 

Carpeta blanda, 274 páginas


Foodies and lovers of Carribbean cooking will be inspired by the authentic Puerto Rican recipes in Yvonne's Ortiz's essential cookbook, A Taste of Puerto Rico.

Yellow rice, papayas, guavas, pina coladas, adobo, cilantro, and recaito—color, spirit, and sun-splashed flavor identify the national cuisine of Puerto Rico. A Taste of Puerto Rico is the first major cookbook in years to celebrate the vibrant foods of Puerto Rico, from hearty classics to today's new, light creations. Culinary professional Yvonne Ortiz captures the very best of island cooking in 200 recipes for every course. Adapted for the modern kitchen but completely authentic, these wonderful dishes, bursting with tropical tastes, bring a rich and diverse culinary heritage to your table.

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