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Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore - JD Estrada

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Autor: JD Estrada

Carpeta blanda, 84 páginas 


Beyond your waking life and tucked gently between your slumbering eyes and the heart of your soul, there lies the Sherbet Shore. The land where it is located is called Dræm; it’s past Rælity and a bit to the left of the Sea of Hope. In this magical land, it’s not that dreams come true; it’s that we become our dreams. There’s the Kung-Fu Circus, the Parched Pumpkin, the Down Pond and dozens of other places that we discover and create, one wonder at a time. You can drink Curiosity Cola, taste Peppermint Rain or simply enjoy a ride on a dragon ship, a kangaroo, or glide across fields on soapy skates.So feel free to drop on by. After all, life is just a dream. J.D. Estrada is a Puerto Rican author who writes novels, poetry collections and connects with people through all sorts of social media platforms and his blog For Writing Out Loud. This is his first collection of young adult short stories and his tribute to the healing and unifying power of dreams and the joys of embracing our inner children.

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