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The Everything Chess Basics Book - Peter Kurzdorfer /US Chess Federation

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Autor:  Peter Kurzdorfer /US Chess Federation

Carpeta blanda, 300 páginas


If you're looking to learn about the game of chess--and win--The Everything Chess Basics Book provides you with the perfect introduction. Endorsed by the United States Chess Federation, The Everything Chess Basics Book is an authoritative guide that appeals to chess players of all ages and skill. From understanding the chess pieces to learning the basic moves to forming a winning strategy, The Everything Chess Basics Book teaches readers all they need to know to sharpen their skills and pick up a few advanced techniques and tricks along the way. The Everything Chess Basics Book also features information on: special moves; threats; types of chess; chess ethics and sportsmanship; notation, scoring, and timing; and more! Packed with hundreds of clear diagrams, The Everything Chess Book will have you declaring "Checkmate!" in no time.

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