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The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) Mediocre Demon! 3 - Shiroichi Amaui

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Autor: Shiroichi Amaui

Carpeta blanda, 160 páginas


He may look like nothing but a country boy, but Chrono Alcon is actually one of the most powerful demons the world has ever seen! All he's interested in is attending school like any other kid, but when the Demon King finds out about Chrono's power, he'll have to spend his days studying, and his nights in the dungeons, fighting monsters...?! The hit fantasy adventure manga comes to print, perfect for fans of Goblin Slayer, The Rising of the Shield Hero, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime!


After King Grave’s Kijin makes a surprise appearance, Chrono must now deal with two extremely powerful and angry Kijin instead of just one! Fortunately, the Demon King and his classmates are there to provide support. The Kijin manifest the deep-seated desires of their hosts, and both King Grave and Sophia’s Kijin seem to have no intention of going down easy before getting what they truly want! Despite the overwhelming strength of the Kijin, Chrono and his friends are determined to defeat them and grant Sofia the peace and freedom she deserves.

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