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The Modern Dating Workbook - Molly Burford

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Autor: Molly Burford 

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Solve the mysteries of dating in the modern world with this interactive guide for anyone looking for love in today’s confusing and frustrating dating climate.

Ghosting, breadcrumbing, insincerity, texting, swiping, benching, hook-up culture—dating in the modern world can be tough. It’s easy to overthink everything: Why didn’t they text me back? If I text again will I look needy? Why did they ghost me—was it my personality or my breath? Dating is full of uncertainty, but if you know yourself—and believe in what you have to offer, quirks and all—you’ll enjoy dating more and have a better chance of finding the relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

The Modern Dating Workbook offers a helpful resource to guide you on your journey to find love. In these pages you will learn:
-How to deal with being ghosted
-How to take it all a little less personally
-How to remember what you bring to the table
-Relationship anxiety management techniques
-And more!

Finally, you can get over your dating slump and find the love you deserve with this introspective and interactive guide to dating.

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