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The Snow Girl - Javier Castillo

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Autor: Javier Castillo

Carpeta blanda, 408 páginas


The #1 international bestseller that inspired the Netflix series.

Now available in the US, the contemporary thriller set in New York that changed the rules of the genre and inspired the #1 Netflix series, by “the Spanish Stephen King” (ABC), published in more than 60 countries.

“Javier Castillo is undoubtedly the new phenomenon of European literature.” —Joël Dicker

New York, 1998, Thanksgiving parade. Kiera Templeton vanishes among the crowd. After a frantic search all over town, someone finds a few tufts of hair next to the little girl’s clothing. In 2003, the day Kiera would have turned eight, her parents, Aaron and Grace Templeton, receive a strange package at home, a VHS tape showing one minute of Kiera playing in an unfamiliar room. 

With over two million copies sold and translated into ten languages, international bestseller author Javier Castillo tests our sanity in 
The Snow Girl, a dark voyage into the depths of Miren Triggs’ mind, a journalism student who begins a parallel investigation and learns that her life, as much as Kiera’s, is full of uncertainties.


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