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You Betrayed Me - Lisa Jackson

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Autor: Lisa Jackson

Carpeta blanda, 540 páginas


"The constant twists will keep the readers hooked. This is a nonstop thrill ride."
--Publishers Weekly

The Cahills of San Francisco are famous for two things: their vast wealth, and the scandals that surround them. Murder, greed, deadly ambition...some people will do anything to get, and keep, the Cahills' kind of money. Not that James Cahill wants any of it. He's tried to make his own way, less interested in a future inheritance than in his construction company--and in enjoying the many women taken in by the easy charms of a handsome, soon-to-be-rich bad boy.

"Jackson juices things up with plenty of sexy suspense and a generous amount of
high-octane thrills." -Booklist

Perhaps there've been too many women. Waking up in a small hospital in Washington State, bandaged and bruised, James barely recognizes the gorgeous blonde who comes to visit. Through the haze of pain and medication, he recalls that she is Sophia, the woman he's been cheating with. Gradually memories return--his girlfriend, Megan, had found out about Sophia. Now Megan is missing, her sister is hounding him--and police and reporters are asking questions. James insists he has no idea what happened. Yet he can't escape a feeling of dread...

"A good mystery that keeps readers guessing until the very end."
--The Parkersburg News & Sentinel

Meanwhile, in a locked room, a woman waits, trapped, petrified, desperate. She thought she knew who to trust. But the betrayal you can't imagine--or can't remember--may be the most terrifying weapon
of all...

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