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Lady Susan, The Watsons & Sanditon - Jane Austen

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Autor:  Jane Austen 

Carpeta blanda, 224 páginas


This volume includes the lesser-known works of English writer Jane Austen (1775-1817). The first, a short epistolary novel, “Lady Susan” (1871), was published long after the death of its author, and may have been one of her first complete writings addressing the themes and styles that began to characterize her literary work. The second, “The Watsons” (1804), an unfinished novel famous for the attempts of many writers to finish it, including Austen's niece, Catherine Hubback, who finished it and published it with another title in the mid-19th century. The third and last of these novels, the also unfinished “Sanditon” (1817), continues the author's search for stories and situations that help her examine the society of the England of her time, conservative and impenetrable.

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